How to Sustain Love in Your Life!

Robin J. Bloom, MEd

Reveling in earth’s abundance & gifts you will find Robin. She is a lover of life enjoying the serenity of a summer’s breeze while dipping her toes in the ocean. Robin’s passion for life is the result of many losses as a thriving survivor of three brain injuries. Intuitively, she was able to bypass her injured thinking brain and feel her way through life choosing "love over fear." Robin enjoys empowering people to live life fully by showing them how to navigate & harmonize energy in sustaining love. Learn more about Robin's journey at

Course Curriculum

Change begins the moment you decide!

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    • IMAGE - Energy


    • IMAGE - Love is Energy

    • #1 LESSON, "Theory of Special Relativity, Dr. Albert Einstein"

    • IMAGE - Unity Consciousness

    • #2 LESSON, "What is Unity Consciousness?"

    • IMAGE - First Law of Conservation of Energy

    • #3 LESSON, "What is the First Law of Conservation of Energy?"

    • IMAGE - Spiritual Awareness

    • Ch 2 - WISDOM REVIEW

    • GUIDED MEDITATION: "Smiling, Healing Through Your Body, Raising Vibration" by Pura Rasa (21:00)

    • GUIDED MEDITATION: "Open & Ground Your Chakras" by Pura Rasa (31:48)


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    • IMAGE - Happy Living


    • IMAGE - Let Love Find You

    • #1 LESSON, "Your Focus Creates"

    • IMAGE - Happy Thoughts

    • #2 LESSON, "Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs & Creation

    • IMAGE - Love vs Fear Realities

    • #3 LESSON, "Where Do Thoughts Originate"

    • LINK LESSON #3: "Abraham-Hick's Emotional Guidance Scale"

    • IMAGE - Stay Grounded

    • Ch 3 - WISDOM REVIEW

    • GUIDED MEDITATION: "Manifest Any Desire" by Pura Rasa Guided Meditation (28:37)

    • GUIDED MEDITATION: "Miracle-Morning" by Pura Rasa (14:43)


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    • IMAGE - Our Frequency


    • IMAGE - Empowerment

    • #1 LESSON, "The Value of Love"

    • IMAGE - Change/Healing Process

    • #2 LESSON, "The Value of Fear"

    • IMAGE - Change of Brain State

    • Ch 4 - WISDOM REVIEW

    • GUIDED MEDITATION: "UNBLOCKING the FLOW of ABUNDANCE Daily Manifestation" by Pura Rasa (18:57)

    • GUIDED MEDITATION: "Miracle-Morning" by Pura Rasa (14:43)


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    • IMAGE - "Be Good to Yourself"


    • IMAGE - Take the Leap

    • #1 LESSON, "How to Unravel Energy Leaks"

    • IMAGE - Make Peace With Yourself

    • #2 LESSON, "Clearing Your Energy"

    • IMAGE - Love Yourself/Uncertainty

    • Ch 5 - WISDOM REVIEW

    • GUIDED MEDITATION: "Balancing Feminine & Masculine Energies" by Pura Rasa (23:59)

    • GUIDED MEDITATION: "Cutting Toxic Cords" by Pura Rasa (27:11)


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    • IMAGE - Transformation


    • IMAGE - Gifts of Meditation

    • IMAGE - Stay Centered

    • #1 LESSON, "Meditation: A Gift to Ourselves"

    • IMAGE - Meditation Practice

    • #2 LESSON, "Benefits of Meditation"

    • IMAGE - Are You Ready?

    • Ch 6 - WISDOM REVIEW

    • GUIDED MEDITATION: "Attracting a Romantic Partner 3"by Pura Rasa (59:00)

    • GUIDED MEDITATION: "Forgiveness" by Pura Rasa (22:01)

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    • GIFT #1 "11 Powerful Ways to Sustain Love"

    • GIFT #2 "11 Vital Tips for Conscious Creators"

    • GIFT #3 "My Daze of Brain Injury: The Dance of Destiny" by Robin J. Bloom

    • GIFT #4 "Spiritual Truths - Planet Earth"

Bonus Gifts

Content to add support & value on your journey!

  • "11 Powerful Ways to Sustain Love"

    These "go-to solutions," taken from my personal experiences, remarkably kept me in alignment on my path. You will see your conflicts transforming into opportunities as you begin living your dreams with greater clarity and conviction (downloadable pdf).

  • "11 Vital Tips for Conscious Creators"

    Keeping "positively fit" is needed for consciously creating your desires. On off days, this is like having a personal guide that helps you to easily reset your energies. With the many distractions and demands, it's vital to be disciplined & aware of your energetics and the part they play in manifesting (downloadable pdf).

  • "My Daze of Brain Injury: The Dance of Destiny"

    Gift #3 is online access to my first book, "My Daze of Brain Injury," which details the physical journey that inspired my healing & discovery of how to sustain love in my life.

"How to Sustain Love in Your Life!" touches every aspect of our lives.

Raise Your Spiritual Awareness & Transform Your World!

Love is the spiritual energy in which we thrive! The goal of sustaining love is to live a life where love permeates through everything that allows for good things to come. This is our path of ascension into higher states of consciousness. Sustaining the high vibration of love is key to lasting happiness. In a chaotic world, how do we raise & maintain our vibration to create more harmony within our lives? This is a challenging question for many. But creating and living our dreams is closer than we think or believe! In truth, what we desire is not that difficult to achieve, if we are willing to commit to our inner growth. This practical & timely course reflects the transformative experiences that led to my spiritual awakening and heart connection as a former self-taught & thriving brain injury survivor. "How to Sustain Love in Your Life" is a self-paced and structured, easy-to-follow personal growth course that offers flexible timing. The 6-part course is available in TEXT FORMAT with supportive VISUALS and is approximately 3 hrs. in length. Upon completion of the course, you will know & understand the foundational steps of "how to sustain love in your life as a conscious creator." This equates to living more comfortably in love & happiness while having the tools, tips & freedom to create a life you deserve (with greater spiritual understanding & connection). In offering long-term value & support there are instructor-student-community interactions & connections for 365 days that include a more engaging learning experience with a 1) INSTRUCTOR-STUDENT FORUM for Q&A/Discussions, and a 2) PRIVATE HEART-CENTERED COMMUNITY. Optional SPIRITUAL COACHING SERVICES are also available for students who may desire support in implementing what they've learned and in taking action. ( See FREE PREVIEW of Ch 1, Lesson 1, in the COURSE CURRICULUM. The course is simple, yet profound in how you transform your life from the inside out where lasting happiness & joy can be found. For questions, Robin can be reached at

Here's what you'll learn and more...

  • Guidance in creating & following a daily spiritual practice

  • Creating healthier & stronger relationships with a foundation of self-love

  • Consciously choosing ways to prioritize eating habits for wellbeing

  • Practical understanding of energy & how to navigate in harmonious ways

  • Understanding unity consciousness & how that may impact our lives

  • Consciously creating & manifesting your desires

  • Understanding what supports & disrupts your spiritual wellbeing

  • Everyday activities to open your heart

  • Practical ways to clear & balance your energy

  • Creating a simple meditation practice

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